9 Tips To Wear Gingham: Fashion Trend 2017

The new Gingham isn’t just for little girly dresses any more, this year it’s getting a cool update in awesome structured trousers, cute shirts and even blazers.

Floral Prints and Denims – Hashtag Spring Fashion

Spring is here and oh we know , it isn't for a very long period in England. So before the days become shorter again and it's chilly cold in London to experiment with prints and colours, let me mix and match every piece in my closet just before it hibernates in my drawer of summery … Continue reading Floral Prints and Denims – Hashtag Spring Fashion

Pull off palazzo like a pro 

Winters in London or other places too,  leave fashion constricted to jeans and stockings and stuff like that . Even there is an astringing possibility in the aspect of colours and prints . Lucky me ! Here comes the spring 🌻 A time of the year when I can experiment fashion and trick trends . … Continue reading Pull off palazzo like a pro 

With love , Casablanca .

Well to start with , 'the morocco trip' will remain the most special of all the places I have ever been to , because this happens to be the first one I had with my husband . So undoubtedly the first travel blog I opted to write about had to be this exotic vacation destination. … Continue reading With love , Casablanca .