Self confidence: The ultimate vogue

I have this platform to talk and reach atleast a handful of good readers. Thankfully there have been so many supportive friends and acquaintances who appreciate and empower me time and again for my blog. I talk about fashion and i talk about various aspects of my day to day dressing up game. The prerequisite … Continue reading Self confidence: The ultimate vogue

Monochrome prints: A must have!!

My purpose to start a blog has been to share my personal style and dressing up hacks . One of them I share today in this post - a lot of monochrome pieces in my wardrobe. I call it a hack because sure , you may have collected a bunch of nice clothes, but when … Continue reading Monochrome prints: A must have!!

Be embraced by fashion , not intimidated

The art of dressing up starts from the thumb rule of what looks good on you and not what you see on the ramps or in the magazines or Instagram blogs . Being a hardcore 'maniac' for style and fashion , if anything I can suggest through this blog is that being fashionable revolves around … Continue reading Be embraced by fashion , not intimidated