Self confidence: The ultimate vogue

I have this platform to talk and reach atleast a handful of good readers. Thankfully there have been so many supportive friends and acquaintances who appreciate and empower me time and again for my blog. I talk about fashion and i talk about various aspects of my day to day dressing up game. The prerequisite … Continue reading Self confidence: The ultimate vogue


Rimmel ‘The Only 1 Matte’ Lipstick: My Drugstore Find

The only 1 Matte lipstick from Rimmel is the best makeup product that I have come across in a long time. It is not just affordable but extremely reliable.

Floral Prints and Denims – Hashtag Spring Fashion

Spring is here and oh we know , it isn't for a very long period in England. So before the days become shorter again and it's chilly cold in London to experiment with prints and colours, let me mix and match every piece in my closet just before it hibernates in my drawer of summery … Continue reading Floral Prints and Denims – Hashtag Spring Fashion

A day in Chester – The walled city of England

I was staying in Manchester last month and I and my husband had an abrupt weekend plan of a road trip. So on that particular weekend, I made a short and beautiful trip to the walled town of Chester. It is an antique town, and medieval England sits bravely under her gables. Chester is a … Continue reading A day in Chester – The walled city of England

Hello Yellow : Makeup on yellow dress 

I will keep this post on a single topic - ┬ámakeup on yellow dress, as recently I chanced upon wearing a loud yellow outfit on a bright sunny day . A day that started off as gloomy and cold in the morning though , but that's the thing about the weather of London- it's unpredicatable … Continue reading Hello Yellow : Makeup on yellow dress┬á

From one kind of runway to another – Travel stylish

We all are fond of travelling. While we ain't very fond of airport goodbyes , saying hello to a new country or friends waiting at the airport for us is something we all love . The outfit we wear on the plane is also the first thing we'll wear at the destination, after all, our … Continue reading From one kind of runway to another – Travel stylish

With love , Casablanca .

´╗┐Well to start with , 'the morocco trip' will remain the most special of all the places I have ever been to , because this happens to be the first one I had with my husband . So undoubtedly the first travel blog I opted to write about had to be this exotic vacation destination. … Continue reading With love , Casablanca .