My review of ‘bags collection by Anna Grace, London’

I’ve always been one for bags. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for them. In recent times though I’ve upgraded my bag collection in some areas and completely downsized in others. Although my bag arsenal include the likes of Louis Vuitton and Micheal Kors, but I absolutely believe in high quality and affordable fashion stuff that we don’t have to think twice before buying them. I am mentioning this because I chose Anna Grace only because I found it really good and not just for the sake of a review.

In the same way that some people feel driven to spend their time looking for that monster we have heard in fairytales to prove it’s real, I like to look for affordable, high-quality stuff that the average person like me can afford. Recently, I stumbled upon one of the emails I received,  and got the opportunity to work with this brand ‘Anna grace’ and I am really excited to introduce it to all of you .

My mission to work on a fashion blog translates to have a platform that encourages high quality and simplicity, with an emphasis on repeated wearability. And because you have to be able to afford the pieces if you’re going to use them as your closet staples, this brand ‘Anna Grace’ is also very affordable for their quality. The brands ideology is that ladies shouldn’t always have to rush to the costliest stores when looking for innovative styles that blend sophistication with the fine art of quality manufacturing.

The extremely gorgeous bag that I am currently obsessed with is in faux leather in brown colour , the kind of brown no-one can dislike . It has a superb texture and speaks for its quality and panache . There is no need to take distant pictures of this beauty that may distract my readers to know the quality . Hence I have taken zoomed up pictures of this ‘Anna Grace’ bag that will clearly give you an idea why I chose to review it .

‘Anna Grace’ is about having the option to choose the middle route. This brand wants your girlfriends to ask you where you got your bag from. It wants you to flaunt your bag without fretting about the material chipping. Because the faux leather that all the AG bags are made with is one that you can trust and is top-notch. The best part is that there is a huge variety of styles. I loved so many designs that it was hard for me to choose from and you may agree with me as you go check the variety available for yourself. Just go for it guys because I believe that this is the best deal you can make for this christmas shopping. Yaaay!

You can see , drool over and shop the brand here. You can also order at Amazon.

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– Marium K Ahmad

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