Monochrome prints: A must have!!

My purpose to start a blog has been to share my personal style and dressing up hacks . One of them I share today in this post – a lot of monochrome pieces in my wardrobe. I call it a hack because sure , you may have collected a bunch of nice clothes, but when putting them together, you’re completely stumped. You just don’t know how to combine them into a kick-ass outfit!  Who doesn’t want to know how to combine clothes? Each one of us want to peruse a store, and pick combinations based on our own instinct. Isn’t it? Simple yet powerful, monochrome is synonymous with the sixties conjuring up images of colour, psychedelic prints and unconventional materials. During the 1960s, the mod subculture dominated fashion, and instigated new trends. They predominantly wore smart and sophisticated looks emulating the styles produced by leading fashion designers around the world.

So back to the point, when you go for shopping next time and  if you find a monochrome printed piece of the right fit – just grab it! A monochrome printed piece, be it a top or pants, give a contemporary edge while allowing it to be neutral enough to wear with just about anything. Monochrome trend is casual, rock-chic, and formal, which has an air of sophistication and confidence that catches many eyeballs.  In short , if you have few good  monochrome printed pieces, you can make a lot of combinations yourself very effortlessly.

Tips to style Monochrome prints

  • My personal style has been monochrome stripes. Skinny Breton stripes are a staple of classic French style – inspired by sailors, they became a signature part of the tomboyish gamine look during the ’50s and ’60s. Try topping a striped tee or a shirt with simple denim.
  • Add a pop of colour to really update this trend! The monochrome stripes can be of various sizes and variations but will create wonders if you pair them up with a bright and bold coloured trouser or any bottomwear you like (cus why not !).
  • Polkas! Who doesn’t love em. This is again my personal favourite monochrome print hack. Find the best polka print top for yourself (preferably black polka dots on white base) and trust me you can try it on literally every chic thing in your wardrobe.
  • Monochrome checked and striped trousers – What I love about them is their versatility – anyone can take it, and make it their own. Stuck in an outfit rut for office  – wear it on a white or black shirt. Want it for a casual look! Wear them on the loudest coloured top in your wardrobe.
  • When you get a good hang of pairing different length stripes and polkas , hit your next shopping with monochrome prints – the geometric ones are my all time favourite. The monochrome colour pallete gives the pattern a contemporary edge while allowing it to be neutral enough to wear with just about anything.

Well, I scrolled through the internet to find some htw outfit ideas that may help you style innumerable looks with few monochrome pieces 🙂 


I hope this helps you to pick a few pieces when you are shopping next time. This is surely a trend for all – just what I love to see. No matter what your shape, size, colour, lifestyle or age, there is something ‘monochrome’ for everyone. So, are you going to give it a go?

Do share your views and feel free to ask any questions or queries . Also don’t forget to follow @scoopsnvogue on Instagram.

– Marium K Ahmad


3 thoughts on “Monochrome prints: A must have!!

  1. 👍👍
    My shopping hack is I buy the whole outfit together🤣 top,bottom,shoes. That way later I can mix and match with other things in my cupboard 😁


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