My review of ‘printed scarf collection by Hannah Fellerman’

In this post I will introduce you to someone I am glad to be associated with. Before that I will tell you what landed me into this collaboration. Oscar de la Renta once said, ‘A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories’. One such accessory that adds a zing to an outfit is the scarf. Its  a simple piece of fabric that can add a whole lot of colour and texture to an outfit. I’m thrilled to see scarves having a moment in todays fashion arena as they come in handy when I can’t be bothered to think about my outfit. I just grab a basic white shirt and pants, and a scarf instantly adds a level of sophistication.

When I started blogging I was sure to be writing and collaborating with brands that I  like enough to use myself. Recently, I came across  this amazing designer Hannah Fellerman and I really felt like reviewing her ‘printed scarfs collection’ launching on July,28th. Her brand represents diversity and inclusiveness, so in my opinion there is pretty much something for everyone and for all tastes in the entire collection. I am certainly not a follower of monotonous fashion and I lurrrrrrve variety. This is the reason why I could relate with her brand. There is everything from pretty and delicate florals to more abstract and bold prints. If you are fond of scarfs, you will certainly find your favourite one in the collection.

My favourite ‘Marble Pattern’ collection

Now let me introduce my favourite one from the collection by Hannah Fellerman. It’s the ‘Marble Pattern’ scarf and it’s from the extremely chic marble collection. I like it because of its simplicity of colours but also the abstract nature of the lines. Hannah sent me one of her favourite designs and I can’t stop drooling over it. It’s just the perfect choice to jazz up any simple outfit. The scarf in itself is so gorgeous that it can create a style statement in itself if paired up with an evening wear. If I put it right this rectangular piece of silk can be taken from desk to dinner.

I feel the best thing about this print is that it’s the perfect amalgamation of being feminine and edgy at the same time. The possibilities are quite endless with the marble scarves and I feel they can appeal to a wide range of tastes, however specifically they will appeal to people who like to step out of conventional boxes and be slightly more daring with prints. Meanwhile I styled the scarf in two different ways, I am sure it’s going to be a part of a lot of my future Instagram feeds as well (because I already have innumerable ideas to style it).

So by now , it is evident that I am very much in love with the collection which breathes nothing but fashion. I can’t wait to attend the launch of printed scarfs collection by Hannah Fellerman on July, 28th. I am also super excited to have my hands on all the other prints too from the collection. Do check out the on and order the gorgeous scarfs in town.

Do share your views and feel free to ask any questions or queries . Also don’t forget to follow @scoopsnvogue on Instagram.

– Marium Khan Ahmad


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