Rimmel ‘The Only 1 Matte’ Lipstick: My Drugstore Find

Last month , I wrote a post on my drugstore find and it got a great response. For this month I was sure I will be writing about my current favourite – ‘The only 1 Matte’ lipstick from Rimmel. This is the best makeup product that I have come across in a long long time. It is not just affordable but extremely reliable. This range of Rimmel lipsticks called ‘The only 1’ stands up to its name and is a no compromise all-in-one lipstick, with a slanted lipstick bullet for an effortless application.

Rimmel has tried to marry the best features of both a moisturising and a long-lasting formulation. Much like its other matte products, they mix intense colour, easy application, and excellent staying power, and even feel moisturising.  The formula is silky smooth, there’s no dragging and the velvet-like (yet matte!) finish is ultra-comfortable. Seriously, if you avoid matte lipsticks because you hate that ‘dry lip’ feel, you must check these out! When you rub your lips together, the product feels creamy and moisturising, yet you get the benefit of a long-lasting lipstick.

Why I recommended ‘The only 1 Matte’ lipstick by Rimmel

1) Highly pigmented – Yes, it has a high impact quality. All I have to do is swipe it twice on the lips and it is opaque. All of us know how difficult a matte lipstick becomes while we scrub it on our lips. This product is just the perfect go to solution for highly pigmented lips.

2) Not super drying – It dries your lips out after a few hours, but a reapplication keeps things decent. Not as moisturising as the cream version, but pretty much top marks for matte. Its a little bit satin in the right light, yet not taking away the matte look.

3) Long lasting – Absolutely! Most of the times I don’t need to reapply it even after a meal and it stays intact for atleast four-five hours. Anyway a reapplication for selfie perfect pout isn’t a problem ;). Hence I bet, this Rimmel product gets through a good number of hours without desperately needing reapplication.

4) Hassle free application – This Rimmel lipstick is so easy to apply with no drag. I must say that ‘The only 1 matte’ lipstick by Rimmel is the least draggy matte lipsticks I’ve ever used.

5) Even fading – Yes! Leaves a pretty stain behind and doesn’t feather (though the edges get a bit patchy, but it’s easily fixed with reapplication).

6) Weightless feel – Unlike most of the matte lipsticks that I have tried previously, this product has an ultra comfortable, weightless feel (my lips don’t feel suffocated or blocked), despite its high impact and intense colour.

7) Value for money – ‘The only 1 matte’ lipstick Rimmel lipstick is available for £6.99 in all the drugstores (Superdrug,Boots etc). I feel it’s the best buy at this price.

Lastly, this product range is available in 15 different shades mostly in reds along with browns and purple. I feel this line of Rimmel lipsticks should introduce some shades of nude/earthy tones too which are missing in the range.

I will definitely recommend checking them out as ‘The only 1’ Rimmel lipsticks are up there with some of the best lipsticks available on the high street. Do ping me on my blog or on Instagram about your experience with my drugstore find. I hope to be writing about more of such products that are not only affordable but extremely high end too.

Do share your views and feel free to ask any questions or queries . Also don’t forget to follow @scoopsnvogue on Instagram.

– Marium K Ahmad

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