Frizzy Hair Solution: My Drugstore Find

I have thick textured and frizzy hair. It will a lie if I say I am not a salon person. To be honest hair pampering and blow dries have forever caused a hole in my pocket. I swear by hair treatments and spas ! Although hair spas once a month are a must but for a day to day routine I tried this amazing range of frizz free shampoo and conditioner by John Frieda.

As the purpose of my blog is to focus on ‘fashion for all’, I will talk about the day to day products every woman look for. So I will write frequently about my finds at drug stores – products that are reasonably priced and easily accessible to each one of us. Hence this post!

I am a very frequent visitor of drugstores and these stores have such a huge range of brands and products that leaves one confused to make a choice if they don’t have a specific product in mind. Once I am in a store, I really like to buy a lot of new stuff. My drawers and bathroom shelves are equally glutted with new products I buy, to try and test them. So in this wierd hobby of mine, if I find a good buy I will be sharing it up here.

John Frieda Frizz ease shampoo
This product gives an at home solution to hair wash for untameable frizzy hair like mine. I am using it since the past three months and this duo provides the required definition and hydration to my hair.

Got flyaway strands? Frizzy hair? You will love these Anti-Frizz combo of shampoo and conditioner too. Jam-packed with ingredients that defy humidity and create silky smooth hair.

John Frieda Frizz ease shampoo
John Frieda Frizz ease conditioner

Shampoo and Conditioner

Start with ‘John Frieda frizz ease forever smooth‘ shampoo to fight frizz. Glide it through wet hair and scrunch from the ends all the way to the crown. I rinse it off and apply the ‘Frizz ease – Miraculous recovery deep conditioner‘ and leave it for about ten minutes. It makes the hair feel much more healthier and lighter.

Hair Serum

I hope you never damage your tresses, but if you do, try using JOHN FRIEDA – repairing CREME SERUM . It offers the rescue needed to recover.
John Frieda Frizz ease

Do try these if you have unmanageable hair and let me know how it turns up for you. I got it from @Superdrug store, you can grab them too from any of the drugstores or maybe online. I will keep updating this section with new finds that are affordable and accessible .

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