A day in Chester – The walled city of England

I was staying in Manchester last month and I and my husband had an abrupt weekend plan of a road trip. So on that particular weekend, I made a short and beautiful trip to the walled town of Chester. It is an antique town, and medieval England sits bravely under her gables. Chester is a historian’s delight, displaying fine examples of architecture throughout the ages. It began life as a Roman fort, and the impressive medieval walls surrounding the city in part sit upon genuine Roman foundations.This city is a great destination for days out and short breaks and has the reputation of being the ‘English medieval city par excellency’, although many of its buildings are from the Victorian era.

I will share the glimpses of my day out in Chester and also some background information of this city in Cheshire, England. It may help you to plan your next trip to this magnificent medieval town – the City of Chester.

Shopping in Chester

We parked our car in one of the parking next to the market and started off with walking down the insanely beautiful architecture. It was kind of a euphoria to see nothing less than a real version of a city that looks straight out of a story book. Its shopping streets feature the unique two-tiered black-and-white clad medieval shopping galleries known as ‘The Rows’, which today offer an eclectic range of designer boutiques, restaurants and tearooms.

Wall of Chester

A must have experience was to walk around the wall of Chester . While walking on the wall of Chester , I witnessed the jaw dropping beauty of the city which looks nothing less than a fairytale. The famous city Walls, originally built by the Romans and today a walk of around two miles, offer a superb elevated view of the city on one side .Hence ,Chester is the best preserved walled city in England as its medieval walls form the most complete circuit around any town or city in England.

Chester Cathedral

While strolling in the city, we reached the famous cathedral of Chester. Chester’s magnificent 1000-year-old Cathedral is free entry and provides a place of tranquillity amid the chaos of the market. A prayer was going on in the church and so there was pin drop silence, but we could not miss the opportunity to walk through the church and admire the vivid art and architecture. I was actually spellbound .

Lunch @ Meze – Turkish BBQ – Chester

After so much of strolling around we were really hungry and my husband googled a place for halal non vegetarian food. We found this super chic restaurant in one of the streets of the market. I can surely say that it was one of the finest BBQ grill restaurant I have ever been to in terms of food. That just made my day , especially cus both of us were starving.

A bloggers delight

The architecture, buildings, bridges, historical houses, wall around the city and everything else purely looked like a painting. Chester boasts of a super rich and well preserved history in every nook and corner. It’s a travel bloggers delight to visit Chester – Stroll through the ancient streets, walk the ancient walls and meander along the banks of the River Dee. Shop till you drop in the most compact shopping centre in Britain, thanks to the world famous Rows, two-tier medieval galleries of shops.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves .

– Marium Khan Ahmad


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