Hello Yellow : Makeup on yellow dress 

I will keep this post on a single topic –  makeup on yellow dress, as recently I chanced upon wearing a loud yellow outfit on a bright sunny day . A day that started off as gloomy and cold in the morning though , but that’s the thing about the weather of London- it’s unpredicatable .

Makeup on a yellow dress
Well , so I thought of sharing the look with you. I hope that may give you an idea to experiment with your makeup on yellow dress , the next time you wear this invigorating colour. Contrasting the makeup to our wardrobe can be very flattering when done correctly and atrocious when done wrong .Yellow colour in clothing can make makeup choices a little dicey. So I thought of creating a standout, fresh look. I went for a contrasting color – dark, goth lip. While a minimalist makeup look is gorgeous when paired with a bright yellow dress, a bold lip can be equally breathtaking.

So for this particular look of mine I went on for clashing of colours that we rarely see together and making a statement by flaunting a yellow attire with bold brown semi matt lips. Wearing colors that don’t traditionally go together to create a stylish look seems counterintuitive, but the key to kill it is to go for it , fiercely and making a statement .

Makeup on a yellow dress

Eye makeup:

To pull off the bold pairing, I kept every other aspect of makeup simple , with no kajal and soft eye makeup and blush too .


I went for the classic yellow and gold combination . I picked up a statement neckpiece and a bracelet . It’s important to keep in mind to keep the accessories subtle , with no coloured jewellery . The beauty of this look is in the minimalistic and simplistic clash of unexpected colors—and that it exudes confidence.

Skin tones:

Yellow color rarely looks bad on anyone even if one has very fair, very dark, medium, wheatish or olive skin tone. So go for yellow fearlessly .

Beautiesss  , Think yellow and clash it with your makeup , tacky to the point where it’s just undeniably, in-your-face stylish  , like bulletproof stylish.

It will be lovely if you like this post or leave a line in the comments. Feel free to ask any queries and questions you have, it will be a pleasure to answer them . And don’t forget to follow scoopsnvogue on #Instagram 🌻

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