From one kind of runway to another – Travel stylish

We all are fond of travelling. While we ain’t very fond of airport goodbyes , saying hello to a new country or friends waiting at the airport for us is something we all love . The outfit we wear on the plane is also the first thing we’ll wear at the destination, after all, our first impression is  at stake (celebrity mode on) and we all wish to travel stylish.

I understand totally that no one needs to be dressed to the nines , limp the entire half-mile trek to the end of the terminal. That kind of hassle is not required in my opinion . If your clothes prevent you from getting past security swiftly and sitting comfortably for your  long flight, you’ve got to rethink.

While I wont say one needs to wear stilettos on every long-haul flight, there’s surely a happy medium between style and comfort.There’s a whole world that exists between pajamas and formalwear, and plenty of clothes that not only help you get snuggly in your seat, but also make one look great after landing. Doesn’t that make a lot of sense !

So , how can we select an ensemble that’ll be comfortable enough to travel in, but chic enough to keep us from feeling sluggish? Also what are the tips that can avoid us looking like we got off our bed rather than a plane . Ya , we all have this struggle especially after a long flight .
So I thought about throwing in my two cents’ worth that I follow for a flight journey . I had to bring myself up together to actually rewind my trips and think of all of them. So here they are –

LAYERING is the key:

Don’t forget to LAYER . Whatever you carry or wear at the top will hide the crumbled clothes (sometimes with some spilled sauces/food too) when you get off the plane . Also its about being prepared for every type of temperature, in the plane and after you land at your destination.

Tip : I prefer carrying a cardigan, shrug or jacket along with a SCARF/MUFLER. (Scarfs instantly add to the level of oomph and sophistication).

Wear comfy shoes:

I rather prefer close tip slip ons or maybe sneakers for a more trendy look . The shoes should be real comfortable to walk and remove while in the flight and at security checks . Whether you go for white or a multicolored pair, your sneaker choice will make the outfit. Yes !

Also avoid wearing a new pair of shoe if you aren’t very sure of how it will treat your feet .

Tip : Dont forget to wear socks or atleast carry them to avoid walking barefoot if you have to take off your shoes at he security checks.

Minimize your jewellery and accessories:

It may not only cause a hassle at the security check , wasting a lot of time but also it may make you uneasy while travelling (if you are not used to wearing jewellery).

Tip : Dont wear expensive stuff (jewellery) that you may fear loosing and that may spoil your trip .

Wear comfortable clothes:

Comfortable jeans or leggings and a decently fitted or loose top is my favourite . Everyone’s version of comfortable is different though .Hence the only advice is to avoid wearing anything too fitted .

Tip : Try to put on wrinkle resistant clothes to avoid a crumbled outfit after you get off the plane . My choices are  leggings , camisole , nylon tee etc .

Put on minimum makeup:

Makeup can make you look even more tired and dark after the long flight . So avoid putting any makeup or least of it . I will advice to stay away from any eye makeup because that can surely mess up your face after a nap or splash of water.
Tip : Moisturiser and lip gloss is enough , especially if you have a long flight .

Avoid hair woes:

Hair is of utmost importance when it comes to not looking like a sleepyhead after getting off the plane . I have thick hair so I really work up on my hair before a flight . That includes a good hair wash and conditioning so that the hair behaves ,in and after the journey.  It not only lets my  hair in perfect shape but a washed head keeps my face fresh too .

Tip : If you haven’t washed your head . Make a bun and clutch it .

Don’t forget your sunglasses:

Have a pair of sunnies on hand. Whether you want to cover your eyes when falling asleep or add a stylish accessory to your post-travel look, a pair of sunglasses is the way to go.. Apart from the instant celeb-factor, they hide what those hours in a pressurised cabin without sleep have done to your eyes.

Tip : If you wear glasses  , it’s better to carry your specs and avoid wearing contact lenses.

Have any questions , suggestion or feedback ? Drop me a message in the comments below and follow me on #Instagram @scoopsnvogue 🌻

2 thoughts on “From one kind of runway to another – Travel stylish

    1. Hey Rum , a well fitted stretchable jeans is always a good idea , it is comfortable and hassle free while travelling . Also , an alternative could be to go for a boho look , with a chic maxi dress and a scarf to compliment it , don’t forget to carry a long shrug/sweater with it . You will certainly rock the look . All the best .


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