What it’s like to relocate : Lifestyle , fashion choices and everything in between

Relocating and shifting yourself to a new country isn’t easy . It wasn’t easy for me too when I shifted to London . I have travelled across different countries in the past few years , but my friend , it was a totally different scenario this time . I wasn’t travelling , which means to pack bags for a few weeks or months . So for all the people who think moving abroad is a piece of cake or a long-term vacation, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s a daily battle that almost always leaves you questioning – is this what I really want?  You’ll realise pretty quickly that you’ve arrived into a country that’s already in full swing without you, and they won’t even notice you’re here.

Modern media has romanticized traveling and living overseas, making it seem both effortless and easy, when in reality, it can be a jumbled and juggled world you step into . The movies got it all wrong , it surely isn’t just rainbows and unicorns when you start living in a new country.

You won’t really get my dilemma until you know a bit about me. You see, I love clothes. I love shoes and bags and accessories . And I love dressing up and fashion and everything in between . While some people brag about fancy art on their walls, or bookshelves filled with literary classics, I’d save my handbag collection above anything else in a house . My most prized possessions are hanging in my wardrobe. 

So I had ninety nine different problems of relocating to a new country and continent altogether and then this added up hitch to whether I should transform my sense of fashion according to the patterns I see here . And that comes with far more challenges than anyone could imagine hiding behind my pretty social media posts. Well , don’t  judge me ! You are allowed to have a complex range of emotions when you straddle two different worlds. 

London , a city where everyone is different . That means everyone can fit in . Weird behaviour is overlooked. Costumes, dramatic outbursts on the Tube , no one bats an eye. Then why blend ? Why merge into the crowd ? Why to think about what to wear and how to wear ? Because if you are interested to be into fashion or fashionable ,that’s what fashion literally means — ‘social standing or prominence especially as signalized by dress or conduct ‘ . 

The key to be acing the game of wearing what is right according to the country is by embracing the culture .The experience will be much less shallow, more memorable, and more lasting. You don’t necessarily need to copy or follow everything , just understand if there is a general trend people are following it may be a necessity of the place , you don’t need to repel everything  . Moreover every place has a different culture altogether and hence if you plan to settle in a new country , open your arms for every positive fashion trend of your new adopted country . Don’t try too hard , preserve your individuality , be confident about yourself and at the same time go with the flow , as they say when in Rome ….

I may be bias, but I consider London to have great style and a cool fashion scene, dressing for winter can be challenging however, remaining stylish whilst keeping warm can be the hardest combination to get right.I had my first and worst winters in London , and on the dressing up front my wardrobe stood on a foundation of grey, navy and black, mostly because it was easy to mix and match so many garments and layer them with right combinations and contrast and of course thanks to the London weather. I limited the flamboyance to my accessories (a bright shoe, coloured earrings, bold handbag, scarfs ). 

Bold coloured monotone dresses also work good if you are off to an event that is indoors . SKINNY JEANS ARE A MUST , pair with a pair of Chelsea boots or leather knee highs and a chic wool coat for the perfect city look. If you aren’t a denim fan, opt for a thick pair of leggings or woolen trousers, trimmed with classic winter accessories, for the perfect blend .

Woahhh ! There are so much of details and so much to talk about winter fashion of London followed by the new spring trends and more . I will leave the rest of the detailed talk on what I found about dressing up and staying stylish when shifting to a new country for my next blog that will be followed soon .

Till then stay tuned . @scoopsnvogue is in progress . 


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