Culottes – current fashion fixation .

I am back in London and the one fashion trend that cannot be ignored by anyone walking on the streets or in the tubes or markets or malls here , are the loose cropped trousers . This spring and summer is all about culottes, gauchos , palazzos  pants ,wide pants – in so many tricking trends and they are here to stay . Culottes are the equivalent of a midi skirt but without the stuffiness, and they’re more of a surprise.These are super comfy, and they’re perfect for spring or summer because they’re breezy, chic, and look better without lot of layers. The problem? They can seem very intimidating and tricky to wear, because they’re not SUPER popular and because they come off as very high-fashion.

They have a great feminist backstory too, having become popular in Victorian England for allowing daring ladies to secretly wear shorts while it looked like they were wearing skirts.The humble culottes, or ‘divided skirts’, were trousers in disguise that let these women ride horses and play tennis without flashing their knickers.

A great look for any age and just the alternative wardrobe staple every woman has been looking for, this spring and summer is all about the new, loose cropped trousers. The first time trying on a pair of culottes might feel balloon-like. Ease your way into this trend by starting with an obvious color like black. Tuck a white blouse into the waistband — this helps break up the volume. If you want to ease into the trend, try a pair of cropped pants first to get a feel for the length. 

While the width and length of culottes can vary by quite a lot, the pants are usually high-waisted, which means they work particularly well with a top on the shorter side of things. It doesn’t have to be a crop top, but it should fall above your hip so your mid-section doesn’t end up looking wider than it is.Soft folds or pleats in the legs are a lovely detail, but watch out when they creep north to your waist. Too much detail or bulky material at the waist adds pounds! 

It can be hard to know what type of top to pair with such statement-making pants. The first rule to remember is that the top you choose needs to have less volume than the culottes. This is the only way to avoid looking like you have no waist and you’re drowning in fabric.

You can try this amazing thing in your wardrobe for the professional look too . Pair them with a buttoned fitted shirt tucked in and here you go , looking highly classy and super stylish at work . Also a BLAZER added to the look may work wonders . The blazer can be of any size , both fitted and free size . An overcoat with pointed shoes or boots turns up to be a fashion silhouette – my current favourite .Leather jackets ! Our favourite thing in our collections , how can these be left out to add more panache . Add them on too with your chic culottes and you will get the desired edge to your look.Yes . 

When you are finally comfortable and get the hang of wearing them , whack the look with laced blouses and net crop tops and the sheer ones too . Also nail the fashion game of culottes by wearing printed ones

Tip : Culottes in themselves are high fashion stuff and adding up too many accessories with them  isn’t very flattering 🙂

Ps Feel free to talk of any queries 😁 Trust me, all you need is a push . Don’t hesitate to like, comment and share 😉 

Here are few of my looks that I  have tried , hoping to curate new ones too in the future .


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